Organicam Marketplace Private Limited is one of the famed names that brings a bunch of healthy bites for you. Over the past years, we have been delivering the finest quality of dry fruits at the most competitive prices. We shape our fruits and nuts in such a way so that flavor gets unfurl in your mouth every single time you grab. The quality ingredients, hygiene standards along with thriving age technology has made us capable to extract the pure essence out of the invaluable resources of nature. The forefront supply of walnuts, Saffron and Almonds across the globe has brought our business from a scratch to the gateway of triumph. From a roasted nut to a perfect crunch, caliber is the most prioritized aspect where we are best at. 


We are dealing in these three entities which are as follows:


Almond contains vitamin E, magnesium with lots of healthy fats, fiber, and protein. These are the species of tree native to India, North Africa, and the Middle East. In fact, seeds, they are a “drupe” and can’t be considered in the form of true nut.


A spice that is derived from the flower named “Crocus Sativus”. It is also known as “saffron Crocus” and believed that this veteran spice originated in Iran. It is mostly used in imparting a rich golden-yellow hue to textiles as well as to the dishes.


It is the edible seed of the drupe but not a true botanical nut. After the full ripening when the shell gets discarded, it can be used as a snack or the food.